Created Apr 25, 2012

Jeff McGunegle

Autism Entrepreneur/Writer/Publisher/Teacher more

My parents named me Jeff McGunegle and my first priority role in life is that of father. I have 2 children, Mary 15 and Clay 16. Mary lives with me and Clay lives with him Mom in W.Jefferson, NC. Clay has autism and his way of life has guided the direction I have taken over the last 14 years.
I taught students who are on the autism spectrum from 2001-2010. I taught on all grade levels in the 3 different public education levels.
I left teaching in 2010 to pursue a vision to build communities for people with autism and other disabilities. I had pursued this a few years back in Anderson, SC with the Walgreens Corporation and their programs to employ people who have disabilties. Part of this vision is to create adapted books for people with autism/disabilties in middle/high school. In 2011, my company, InteGREATity published 4 of these books. I am also involved in local efforts to encourage parents, educators and businesses to open there eyes to employing people with disabilities and that these people are employable.
I blog about transition to careers for those with disabilities and am passionate about supporting those we view as weak in order to raise the level of unity and humanity in the world.